My Walk In The Woods

I couldn’t resist using my newly mowed path to take a walk in the woods this afternoon.  Just over the Gulley Bridge sat this turtle.  Her head and legs pulled in, no doubt annoyed by all the traffic me, Fate and Zinnia made.

I don’t know what kind of wildflower this is.   Although the bud has not bloomed yet, the leaves were striking enough to get and hold my attention.  I hope I can find it again to see what the flower looks like when it blooms.

I thought of this as a natural shelf.  The way the peeling bark arches out to support the cantilevered mushroom seems so intentional.

25 thoughts on “My Walk In The Woods

    1. Looks like it’s a Downy Rattlesnake Plaintain Fran. Thanks to everyone out there who let me know. I hope to see it bloom and when if I do I’ll post pictrues and find out more about it.

  1. Maria, I just love this turtle. I can’t believe you have turtles wild right there. We have so much wildlife but I am most certain that we don’t have turtles in Central Oregon. Can you tell us more about him. How big he is and how common they are. Thank you for sharing this. Great photos as usual.
    Blessings, Wendy

  2. Terrific pictures you captured today, Maria. Three totally different things — and all are exquisite images. Among other things it’s been wonderful to watch your photographic eye and skill develop along with your other talents!

  3. What wonderful observations. That photo of the turtle made me laugh. She certainly looks ready to do some physical distancing.

  4. Maria – I took a screenshot of the green plant, and the “Plant Identifier” app on my phone says it’s a Downy rattlesnake plantain. It should form a spike of small white flowers. Symbolism is healing, protection and strength. It’s listed as a perennial herb.

  5. Hi Maria, I think the flowering plant is a wild orchid called ‘Goodyera oblongifolia’ or Rattlesnake-Plantain. It will have small white flowers. I hope you get to see it when it blooms.

    1. Oh Thank you Uta. I’m going to look for it again. I wish I paid more attention to where it was. I don’t know why I didn’t. If I get to see it in bloom I’ll definietly take a picture.

  6. Maria your woods are lovely, how wonderful to see all the amazing things Mother Nature has to offer! As I was looking at the beautiful wildflower picture I noticed a fat green root towards the top of the picture, I’m wondering if that is a wild orchid? Can’t wait to see the flower! Thank you for posting such wonderful photos!

  7. Hi Maria,

    What a special find! The plant hay you photographed looks like it may be a jewel orchid! I never knew that they grew in the woods. I love the photos of the nature that you find on your walks. Thank you for sharing with us!

    All the best,

  8. I looked up Jewel orchid and apparently it’s also known as the rattlesnake plantain. Very interesting. The picture showed pretty, dainty little white blooms. I love orchids. What a wonderful walk.

  9. I love your photos..If you want to know type of plants/flowers things are, there is an app called PlantSnap. You take a picture of plant and it will tell you what it is..I love it. Glad you and Jon had a wonderful time in Vermont for your anniversary..

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