The Wave Caught Me

Carol came to the farm last week to drop off the yard piece of fabric made from her batiks that Jon bought for me.

She also brought some other pieces of her fabric.   Some were scraps she had no use for like the one in the picture above.

It was this scrap of fabric that inspired me this morning. The wave grabbed me first then, something in the colors. Maybe because they are so cool and today was so hot.

Before this scrap of fabric caught my eye, I was trying to figure out what I would work on today.  I started a couple of things, a potholder, a collage, but whatever I tried just wasn’t right.

Till I picked up this piece of fabric from the pile on my worktable.  It spoke to me.

I used some of Jon’s old chamois shirts which were the perfect shades of light blue.

Carol’s fabric had a mirror twin.  I liked the way the moons faced out and the waves in.

The embroidered flower fabric came from a sun dress I got at the Salvation Army for one dollar over twenty years ago.  In all those years I never saw how green those stems and leaves really were.

I know the green in Carol’s fabric helped me see its true color.

I tried to find the name of the batik that Carol’s fabric came from on her website Amity Farm Batik, but I didn’t see it there.  I’ll find out from Carol what it’s called.  It may influence the title of my quilt.

I’m enjoying working with the soft shades of blue. There’s some purple in Carol’s batik, so I’m thinking of bringing that out too.  Although I have no idea what will come next.

Have a look at Carol’s website.  She has her batiks in so many different forms for sale, from $8 fabric prints to original batiks, cutting boards, leggings and so much more.

4 thoughts on “The Wave Caught Me

  1. Do you know if you’ll sell this quilt you’re working on, Maria? Just the photos you’ve included of it so far speak strongly to me, although I couldn’t tell you why, exactly. I love waves on the ocean (although these strike me as more lake waves for some reason), and the fabrics you’re using to build around them elicit thoughts of motion just under the surface…felt but not quite seen.

    I’d be most interested in purchasing this quilt, if it’s available.

    1. Jenn, I will be selling this quilt. And I can let you know when it’s done and give you first choice on it. My quilts are $425 +$20 shipping and I’m not sure what size this will be when it’s done, but they usually are somewhere around 75″ x 80″. I’ll be in touch and thanks so much for asking!

  2. This is so pretty, love the mix of newest batik fabric and something you’ve had for ages, and that it’s inspiring you, despite the call of the firewood pile!

    Liked the next post donkey pics too, maybe donkey brushing could be a future video – sounds very soothing for all involved! What’s currently an everyday activity for you, is something most of us have never done, although remembering how satisfying summer brushing of previous dog and cats when they were shedding is, I can imagine it feels great!

    1. Ah nice idea Hannah. It’s funny, I love brushing the donkeys, not so much the dogs. It shouldn’t be different but it is for some reason. Maybe because the donkeys seem to love it so much and not so much for the dogs.

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