Continuing… A Gentle Place

A Gentle Place

I’m continuing to work on my quilt “A Gentle Place”.   I’m adding more to the top of the quilt, similar to what I’ve done on the sides.  Then I’ll be close to having it done.

In a little while, I’m going to be getting together with the women in my Bellydancing class.

Although it the day and time our class was always held, we won’t be dancing.  Although many places are opening up, we won’t be able to dance at the Senior Center where we used to.  Julz and Kathleen, my teachers, have been trying to find another place to dance, and have a few spaces in mind, but nothing concrete yet.

I’m looking forward to seeing all the women in my class again, my tribal sisters.  Julz has kept us all dancing by putting up videos for us to follow, and that’s been wonderful, but there is nothing like dancing together.

I’ve been faithfully dancing alone in my studio since the lockdown started in March, until last week. I think seeing everyone again gets me motivated to dance again. Bellydancing is so good for my body and my emotional well being.

In some ways, it is as simple as… when I dance I feel better.  

2 thoughts on “Continuing… A Gentle Place

  1. Gorgeous quilt!
    I’m so glad you are now able to get back together with your bellydancing sisters. Clearly this brings you joy! Things are looking up and I believe as long as we practice social distancing and heed the sensible precautions it will go well, especially in your less populated area. Enjoy, Maria!

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