88 Rectangles Of Fabric

I don’t know if you remember all those small rectangles of fabric that I posted a few weeks ago.  Well, today I decided to use them as inspiration for a new quilt.

That’s how I always think of the first piece of fabric I choose when I begin something new, as my inspiration.

I always buy scrubs when I see them in a Thrift store because the fabric is great for quilting with and they come in wonderful solid colors. But I don’t think  I bought the black scrubs I used in between each square of fabric, I think they were one of the scrubs that Lynne sent me.

It worked perfectly.

I didn’t have a plan when I started piecing the rectangles together, but when I finished it, my mind immediately went to the piece of fabric Debbie gave me so long ago.

In some ways the opposite of all the small rectangles of fabric in their grid, the piece with an image of water and rocks on it always had a Zen feeling to me.

It seemed to illustrate the idea of the path of least resistance.

I can’t tell you why that fabric feels so right to me on top of the grid, but I’m trusting it.

I wonder what I’ll do next.

4 thoughts on “88 Rectangles Of Fabric

    1. Deb you gave it to me a while ago. I haven’t been able to use it, although I always had it in the back of my mind. I do love it!

  1. Surprised me again, those small colorful rectangles seemed certain to become potholders, but I love them arranged on the black fabric, and the ‘Zen’ fabric too. Looking forward to seeing what ‘speaks’ to you next for this quilt

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