88 Rectangles, Water And Trees

When Fate fell asleep in front of the quilt I’m working on I thought she almost seemed a part of it.  As if she were giving me a clue as to what comes next.

That piece of fabric just below the rectangles is another of Carol Conklin’s batiks printed on fabric.  Not only did the colors work, and the subject matter just right, but it was the perfect size too.

Looking at Fate and the quilt together, I’m thinking that black and white squares up and down the two sides might be what comes next.

5 thoughts on “88 Rectangles, Water And Trees

  1. This is a very special piece! As I look at all the beautiful busy color I think of everyday life with all of its demands, then as I follow the quilt up towards the other fabric I feel the serenity that comes at the end of the day when quiet breathe replaces the chatter of the day! Your work is so thought provoking and beautiful! I’m looking forward to see what comes next 🙂

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