The Back Of My Quilt

My Bellydancing class was canceled tonight, so I dance to one of the videos that my teacher Julz made a while ago then pieced together the backing for my quilt.

Yesterday I went to Bev’s thrift store (it’s actually called Carroll’s Trading Post)in town looking for a sheet to back the quilt with.  I had a feeling there was something there for me.

I didn’t find a backing, but I did find a skirt and harem pants for Bellydancing.  And Bev gave me a pair of shoes that she thought someone at The Mansion might be able to use too.

Today I found the fabric for the back of my quilt, that eluded me yesterday, on the shelves in my studio.

I’m not quite sure how that works. It sometimes feels like magic to me. Maybe it is.

2 thoughts on “The Back Of My Quilt

  1. I like the fabrics for the back! I’ve had that happen to me too. Especially when something inside tells me that a friend or relative needs literally to be covered in warm thoughts or prayers. Every time I’ve listened to that voice inside all of the supplies I’ve needed (and didn’t think I had) to make a quilt just seem to show up on the shelf or in the cedar chest. It does seem to be a strange, wonderful magic !

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