Naked Athena, A Drawing For My Corona Kimono

In between working on my quilt today, I did a drawing that I’m going to use on my Corona Kimono.  It’s of the woman who sat naked, except for a cap and face mask,  in front of the unidentified troops that Trump sent into Portland.

She’s become known as the “Naked Athena”,  goddess of war (among other things), but she looked more like Sheela na gig to me.  The goddess who sits with her legs open, exposing her vulva.  There’s much debate over the meaning of Sheela na gig especially since she shows up on early Christian churches.

But this woman seems to me to be a goddess in her own right.  As Sheela Na Gig still does today, she completely flummoxed those men covered from head to toe in riot gear.

This is all part of life during the Coronavirus.

Photo of “Naked Athena” in front of the troops in Portland

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