Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Speaking For Me

I just saw this video of  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speaking for herself, speaking for women.  I am awed by her and what she said.  I had to share it.

13 thoughts on “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Speaking For Me

  1. I rarely post on Facebook & when I do I avoid any political posts except for a closed political page a belong to. But I had to post AOC speech today. I was brought to tears watching it. I am a Democrat but I don’t align myself with much of what AOC advocates for. But she is amazing in how she advocates. The way she walks with grace being vilified by Fox News & other Far Right outlets. She is razor smart & never backs down. She looks men & People of power directly in the eye.
    I not only cried for her but for every little girl that will watch this over & over & get strength to stand up. I think of Elenor Roosevelt quote “No one can make you feel inferior without your permission”. AOC embodied that quote today.
    Thank you for amplifying her voice & hope as many people as possible take the time to listen.

  2. She amazes me. She says so calmly and explicitly what I think about the way misogyny abounds, is harnessed to attack, and witnessed with tolerance, among people, men and women, who think of themselves as loving, good people. I hope she grows in understanding of our political system to the benefit of the people she is serving. And I just hope she doesn’t burn out or harden within kiln of hate she works within.

  3. This is the first I’ve heard of this incident or listened to Ocasio-Cortez speak. This woman is amazing. The world needs to hear her! Thanks for sharing!

  4. AOC is an articulate young woman. She just gave a national voice to something that happens to women everyday. I am so grateful to see young, courageous women in the Congress! It makes me feel like there is hope for change that will benefit all people! Thank you for sharing!

  5. She is fantastic. She may just be president some day. Pay attention men, there’s more where this came from. So inspiring.


  6. Thank you for sharing this video. I am amazing by her grace under pressure. This is a woman I would like to see a lot more of. Well done, fantastic!

  7. She has taken more abuse since #45 has zeroed in on her. She is classy and speaks her mind. I agree with some of what she believes, but sometimes she seems a little too strident to get her point across. That is obviously off putting to men.
    I keep thinking something someone once told me, “You can get more flies with honey that you can with vinegar.”
    You go girl.

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