Naked Athena, Corona Kimono Magnet

Naked Athena Magnet

Well I thought about it and decided to make my Naked Athena  Corona Kimono drawing into a magnet.

I just sent the image off to Sticker Mule and should have the magnets sometimes next week.  I’m not sure I’ll be able to sell them on Etsy so I’m limiting it to just 50 magnets.

I see Jen, the woman who sat naked in front of the Homeland Security Troops sent into the Portland Protests, more as the goddess Sheila na gig than Athena.

Sheila na gig is the ancient goddess who sits naked with her legs wide often holding open her vulva.   She is mostly found carved onto churches in Ireland and no one really knows what she represents although there is lots of speculation.

Sheila na gig still shocks people much the way Jen did when she used her nakedness to protest the troops that brought more violence to the Portland Black Lives Matter Protests instead of quelling it.

Jen’s protest was personal, creative, and powerful.

She is the antithesis of the heavily armed and armored men who shot bullets at her feet when she confronted them by standing naked in front of them.  She said she wanted to show them what her “version of vulnerability looks like”…her “version of power“.  She wanted them “to see what they were shooting at.”

I listened to an interview with Jen on the podcast Unrefined Sophisticates.  She didn’t plan her action. She said, “I felt like I was following my nature…my impulse to be who I am”.

And when she sat down in front of them it was her way of saying “Shoot at this.  Look at this, you can’t say I have a weapon now other than this yoni.”

Jen talked about performance art and being a sex worker.  To her, this action came from “a lifetime of experience”.

I’ll be charging $7 for the magnets and will donate $2 from the proceeds of each sale to Black Lives Matter.

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6 thoughts on “Naked Athena, Corona Kimono Magnet

  1. Maria, I would like to buy of these magnets and by Monday I may think of some other folks I would like to give them to! Let me know how you’re selling them! Her action really touched me and this is a beautiful way to remember it, and her. I wouldn’t be surprised if these are very popular! And I wonder what other products you might put the drawing on that would still be affordable, maybe tshirts?


    1. I’ll be putting them up for sale on my blog Eileen, and people can either send a check and I’ll be putting a paypal button up on my blog too. Thanks for wanting one. I’ll email you when I get them.

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