Phoenix Rising, Backing and Tacking

I got the back and batting sewed on my Phoenix Rising quilt today.   I hope to finish it on Monday.  It’s already sold.

6 thoughts on “Phoenix Rising, Backing and Tacking

  1. It appears the your new Artist Residency has freed you. You are producing more quilts and taking creative risks. I’m amazed at the changes. Seeing you relaxing in a chair and taking breaks is so good to watch. For me, I am so far behind is housework, gardening, and long lists of “should’s”, I rarely give myself permission to create. I am making progress on the collage. Although it is a combination collage/vision board.

    1. I like that you can see that Antointette. I feel like it has made a change in my art. I’m learning in all parts of my life how to be less anxious. It feels good and I like that it comes through in my work. I’m looking forward to see the collage.

  2. Hi Maria, I managed to finish the comforter for my grand-daughter, but don’t know what to tack it with. Do you use wool yarn or something else. I’m afraid to put a needle through the t-shirt material with some large yarn. Any advice would be thankfully excepted.

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