Our New Podcast, “The Grand Ca-Ca, Housebreaking And Selling Quilts

photo by Jon Katz

Well we did it.  Two new Podcasts two weeks in a row.  Today’s is called The Grand Ca-Ca, Housebreaking and Selling Quilts.  You can listen to it here.

The other night Jon was talking about how he almost goes into a trance as he gathers information and writes his political pieces.   I’m always interested in people’s creative process and never heard him talk this way about his work before.  I thought other people would be interested in it too.

But we started the Podcast talking about Jon as the Grand Ca-Ca.  Something that Frida Khalo used to call Diego Rivera.  I thought it perfect for Jon too and he enthusiastically agreed.

From there we move on to my Naked Athena Magnets, housebreaking puppies, and my realization and acceptance of the truth that I although I always stress over selling my quilt, I actually do sell them all.

You can listen to any of our Katz and Wulf On Bedlam Farm podcasts anytime by clicking on the “Podcast” button on my blog.  Or on Itunes and Apple Podcasts.

2 thoughts on “Our New Podcast, “The Grand Ca-Ca, Housebreaking And Selling Quilts

  1. I listened to your new podcast and want to tell you how much I enjoyed it. It was funny and entertaining. It’s good to have you both come together and bounce ideas off each other. It gives us even more insight into your lives. You and Jon make a good team!

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