Moths and Warrior Woman…. Almost There

“Where’s your head” Jon asked me this morning.  “You’re certainly not here.”

And he was right, my body may have been sitting at the table eating breakfast, but my mind was in that creative place which feels indirect, soft, and foggy.

I could fall into my morning routine of filling  Etsy orders and going to the post office, blogging and quickly checking my email, but if I did, I knew I would lose the creative state of being I had been cultivating since I woke up.

Which also includes not talking too much.  I wanted to keep my head right where it was.  In that dreamy, just waking up, place before logic and reason kick in.

No washing dishes, no taking pictures, no drive into town with Jon to the post office.  I went right to my studio, didn’t even open my computer.

First thing I did was to look at my quilt and ask it, not try to tell it, what it wanted.  Then I got to work removing one of the few pieces of fabric I left on from the day before.

This is how it went after that….

It took me the whole day with little interruption to get this far.  I still have a few pieces to sew to the bottom and left side of the quilt, but I’m almost there.

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