Sisters Of The Shawl Belly Dancing Video….Over I Million Views

I was sure something was wrong. For the past couple of days, I  was seeing my Youtube subscribers quickly growing. For years I’ve had only a few hundred subscribers but in just three days it had risen to over 3,000.

I wasn’t getting anymore more views on my videos than usual, so I just assumed it was some kind of mistake.

Then I saw all the comments in my email.  They were all on one video of Kathleen and Jackie Bellydancing at the Bedlam Farm Open House in 2017.

When I pulled up the video, I saw it had over a million views!

I  have no idea how or why this is happening now.  But I am very excited about it.  The comments are from all over the world and are overwhelmingly positive.

I love that the Bennington Beledi Bellydancers are right now, spreading joy and beauty around the world.

Although I know that Bellydancing is popular in many parts of this country and the world, in the past years it’s been a struggle for us to find places to dance.  And with the Pandemic, we even had to stop practicing until just recently.

But when something like this happens, it shows how we have to just keep at whatever it is that we love doing, whatever it is that brings us joy.  We may be doing it for ourselves, but that joy is contagious, whether it’s to just one other person or a million.





2 thoughts on “Sisters Of The Shawl Belly Dancing Video….Over I Million Views

  1. We don’t have anyone in our area that teaches belly dancing. Many do Yoga and Tai chi. Can anyone do belly dancing? Do you know of anyone that teaches it virtually? I thought your potholders were wonderful that you made for your 2017 Bedlam farm celebration. I was not a regular to your site at that time. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Well Marsha, I never imagined I could bellydance and now I’m doing it. So I’d say yes, if someone really wanted to they could. I don’t know of any virtual teachers. I imagine it’s not something that is taught in many places, but I don’t really know.

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