Nature and Women, Tacking My Quilt

I was talking to my friend Emily last night about my new quilt with the moths and warrior woman on it.  I’m still trying to sort it out in my mind.

That’s so often how I work.  I just start putting fabric together, letting it guide me than as I work on it, and after I’m finished I find the meaning in it.

Emily said it made her think of Versaille, that idea of the structured garden.  I can see that.  There is definitely the interaction between nature and humans, or more specifically women, in this quilt.

I’ve been working on getting the back and batting on it and finishing off some potholders that I made last week. Now it’s ready for tacking. I hope to be able to do that tomorrow.

As I was looking at it deciding on the color of yarn to tack it with, I saw my pincushions (made by Jane McMillan) and scissors on my stool and thought it would make a good photo with the quilt in the background.

I have great affection for my tools from my pins to my sewing machine.  A photo like the one below feel in a way like a self-portrait.


5 thoughts on “Nature and Women, Tacking My Quilt

  1. This quilt has such vibrant colors. Your visualization of putting a quilt together is amazing. I wish that I had that ability. Was Jon able to go on a walk with you? He mentioned it on his blog. Slow and steady goes the course/one day at a time is what I always tell my husband. I have to share this story with that happened after one of my husbands stents. I was getting ready to go out and do chores and he started to get ready to go out with me. I told him that I still remembered how to do chores (I work off the farm so he generally takes care of that most of the time)but he wanted to just walk out there. Our dogs went with us and on the way back our Aussie was herding my husband back to the house; she would go one side and then the other and nip at the heels of his shoes. I laughed and told him, look at her herding you back to the house:)

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