Mouse Hunter Bud

For the first time since I moved into my School House Studio, I found mouse dropping on my altar and desk. I thought about putting a trap out, but since I don’t keep any food in my studio, I figured the visitor wouldn’t stay long.

Then Bud came into my studio and… well… you can see how interested he was in the shelf with the black fabric on it.  Since he’s never done this before I had a good idea what got his attention.

Now the dilemma.

I found two tiny naked mice on the shelf where Bud was poking around.  Although I’m willing to set a mousetrap that would quickly kill an intruding mouse, I don’t have it in me to kill those two baby mice.

So I shredded a few tissues, made a little nest in a box and put the baby mice in it, and back on the shelf. Then I surrounded the shelf with boxes of fabric to keep Bud away.

I’m hoping their mother moves them at least to a nest inside the wall or under the floor.  I don’t know if they’ll even survive.  A part of me doesn’t want them to because I don’t want mice living in my studio.

But for now, I’ll just leave things as they are and see what happens next.

6 thoughts on “Mouse Hunter Bud

  1. You are so kind hearted Maria, I would have let Bud do his own thing. I don’t like mice of any size or age:( My Aussie is better than a cat sometimes because when she goes after them she usually gets them. We had a chipmunk slide down our pipe to the basement where we had our wood stove before and him and his brother was having a really good time. I purchased a live trap to try to catch them, but my Aussie beat me to it. Since then the branch near the house has been trimmed and a cover over the pipe:)

    1. If Bud had actually gotten them, I would have let him, but since I found the baby mice, I just couldn’t help myself. It may have been kinder to let Bud get them. I don’t know what will happen to them now.

  2. Heads up, forgot to mention that mice pee on stuff to, especially cloth. Not a good thing for your projects. I am not trying to tell you what to do, but thought you might not think of it. After my mother in law died some of her quilts that she made were chewed into. She lived in an old farm house which happens to any of us that live on a farm. They do have the humane traps that you can catch them in and release, I have used those also. When you get toward the fall they are looking for a new home to live in as things change and the temperatures fluctuate.

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