Corona Kimono 9/17/20


It came to me last week that President Trump didn’t have a place on my Corona Kimono.  Although I’ve referred to him with some images, I didn’t have an entry that spoke directly to his role in the Pandemic.

The idea came to me this morning. The image of Donald Trump golfing while people are dying of the Corona Virus.

I used my newly found technique of stitching around a drawing that I made, of Trump playing golf,  from a photo that I found online.

Under him, I stitched the number of people that have died in the United States, 196,277, and the date beneath it. Alongside him I wrote out the number of people infected with the Corona Virus,6,613,331 in the United States.  These figures are according to the CDC.


The drawing that I stitched around on the sleeve of my Corona Kimono
The back of my Corona Kimono. Today’s entry is on the right sleeve



4 thoughts on “Corona Kimono 9/17/20

  1. When you say you stitch around the drawing, does that mean you’re stitching through the paper and remove it afterward? I’m a quilter so I’m always looking for a new trick/technique.

    1. I usually cut out the image and stitch along the edge. And I’ve found that it’s better to use thinner paper rather than thicker. (which seems like common sense now that I’m writing it):)

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