Shield Of Words Coming Together

Yesterday, I sewed down the legs of the woman in the fabric painting then, using matte medium and the pieces of fabric on the left side of the quilt, I created her dress.

I drew the boots on paper to get the size right and used them as a pattern to make two red boots.  Today I sewed them down using the black thread.

Then I drew her hand out of paper and used it as a template to stitch around.

Usually I do all the thread drawing freehand, but because of the size of the piece, I was having a hard time getting the scale right.  I can’t see this whole piece, as I can with smaller thread drawings, when it’s on my sewing machine.  So it’s hard to judge size and get the proportions right.

Here she is with her dress and hand all done.  I’m very happy with how the fabrics in the dress blend together using the matte medium.

Here she is so far.  Next, I’ll work on the moth. Then the shield.

I’m thinking of using the old hand quilting from the ground she’s on, as a guide to how I’ll finish the background.  I’m not sure exactly how that would work yet, but I have a few ideas.

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