Garden Soup

I don’t do much cooking, but I had the beans that I grew from the seeds that Marsha gave me along with squash and kale and few tomatoes, all from my garden.

So I boiled up some Better Than Boullion and added all the veggies and some noodles.

Jon wasn’t interested in it, so I got to have all my Garden Soup to myself.  I had it for lunch three days in a row and each time it was better than the day before.


8 thoughts on “Garden Soup

  1. That’s what I love about a pot of soup. You can keep dipping in and it just gets better. One of my favorite stories when I was kid was the one about stone soup.

    We are settled in the mountains for a couple months and I made a chicken soup with rice, veggies and lots of garlic last night. We had it for dinner last night and lunch today.

  2. I think it looks delicious ! I to find that each time you warm up soup it gets even more flavorful. A very healthy lunch Maria.

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