News From The Barnyard

Asher and Issachar sat facing each other with the other sheep behind them like guards at the palace gate.

That’s Kim, Biddy and Rosemary behind them. For the first time in three days, there was no frost in the night.  Even though most of my flowers died, the grass is still green, so we won’t have to think about putting out hay, hopefully for a while.

4 thoughts on “News From The Barnyard

  1. Hi:

    I hope that all goes will with Jon.

    I thought about how your animals range a bit and forage. If I haven’t mentioned it, you might like Fred Provenza’s book, Nourishment. Also, just saw an interview with the author of Dirt to Soil about regenerative farming: Also Daphne Miller’s book, Farmacology.

    Free ranging animals help the tilth of the soil. And, meat animals that free range are more nutrient dense.

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