Suzy’s Hand-Spun and Hand-Knit Scarves For Sale

Turquoise and Sea Scarf 64″ long and 9″ wide.  It’s $125 + $8 shipping.  You can buy it in my Etsy Shop.

Suzy’s Triangle Scarves, like her shawls, are all hand-spun and hand-knit.  Soft and warm, they also have an unusual and very fashionable drape.

The scarves are widest in the center and taper to scalloped points at the ends.

Suzy uses the wool from her Mohair goats Lucy, Alice, April, Ruth and Larry as well as wool from other fiber artists to make her scarves.

I’ve been selling Suzy’s work for years.  First, it was hats, then fingerless gloves.  When she got tired of making them, she began only making shawls.

I remember Suzy asking me if I thought it made sense for her to just make shawls and not have something smaller for people to buy.  But like most artists, she wasn’t really asking me.  By then she was done making gloves, ready to move onto something different.

Suzy still loves making shawls, she says the “rhythm is reassuring”.  But she’s always looking for something new too.  And the triangular scarves are that for her now.

Turquoise and Sea, pictured above is 64″ long and 9″ wide at the center.  It’s $125 + $8 shipping.

You can buy it or any of Suzy’s Scarves in my Etsy Shop.  Just click here.  Or you can email me at [email protected].  I take checks and paypal.

Here are more of Suzy’s Scarves for sale…

Red and Gray

Red and Gray is is 64″ long and 11″ wide.  It’s $125 + $8 shipping.  I love the mottled natural gray and how it contrasts with the red trim which defines the neckline and shoulders.

Foam From The Sea

Foam From The Sea, is the scarf that I posted on my blog over the summer.  It was too hot for me to even think of wool then, but it did remind me of the line from a Suzanne Vega song that goes “All dressed in lace like the foam from the sea”.

If you look closely at the brown trim you can see the variation of color knit into it.  This scarf is 73 ” long and 10 1/2″ at the middle point.  It’s $125 + $8 shipping and you can buy it here.


 Pink  is Suzy’s latest scarf.  She just finished it this morning. This scarf looks to me like it wants to be worn to the Women’s March.  It seems to symbolize the power of pink.  It’s 57″ long and 16″ at the middle point.  It’s $125 + $8 shipping and you can buy it here.

Suzy Spinning her wool
Suzy’s mohair goat Lucy.  Just one of the goats that Suzy’s wool comes from.


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