Talking Art With Emily, Jon and Me, At The Farmers Market

The first time we went to the Bennington Farmers Market was when they opened up again after the shutdown.

Even though it was just curbside pick up,  it gave us a place to go.  And even though Emily wasn’t actually there, when we picked up her scones, danish, and cookies, it still felt like a connection, even if a distant one.

Since then Jon and I have continued to go to the market.  Yesterday I ordered some kale galettes and cookies that we had for lunch today with friends.  And as usual, we couldn’t resist one of Emily’s collage cards.  (We have a good collection now that we send to friends and family)

We also took this video of Emily and me talking about our work and our creative connection while Jon asks all the right questions.

You can see Emily’s blog Paper Cake Scissors here. 

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