Icy Crystals, Like Mushrooms

The last time I walked on the path through the woods, was almost a month ago,  just before hunting season.  That day I watched a moth out of season and a Great Horned Owl glide silently next to me and land in a tree as if I wasn’t there.

Today the animals didn’t show themselves, but I did see Ice crystals sprouting from the earth like mushrooms.  They speared soil, moss small branches, and leaves on their icy tips, not letting anything get in their way.

Yet they were delicate enough to snap in two when I gently touched them with my finger to feel their ribbed texture.


4 thoughts on “Icy Crystals, Like Mushrooms

  1. What power there is in tiny structures. Thanks for letting your eyes see and sharing with your photographs and words these small beauties. Your posts these past few days are quieting for my soul.

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