A Snack for Suzy and Biddy

Suzy and Biddy

I tossed a little of the new hay on the ground before feeding the sheep and donkeys this afternoon.  They all gobbled most of it up then went to the feeder for their regular hay.  But Suzy and Biddy came back to finish off the small pieces.

Seems they really like it.

6 thoughts on “A Snack for Suzy and Biddy

  1. It’s possible that this hay, seemingly grown in a regenerative agriculture way, might have nutrients than regular hay. Some books you might find interesting:

    Fred Provenza’s Nourishment (admittedly long and sometimes dense)
    Judith D. Schwartz’s The Reindeer Chronicles (can be alternately hopeful and saddening)
    Daphne Miller’s Farmacology.

    A new book that I haven’t read is Dirt to Soil published by Chelsea Green out of White River Junction, VT. I heard him on a Doctor’s Farmacy podcast on YouTube. It’s Dr. Mark Hyman’s channel. Chelsea Green has a number of interesting books on this theme.

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