Fanny and Lulu Contemplating My Donkey Fantasy

Lulu and Fanny

Yesterday afternoon, while the sun was shining and the snow melting, I thought it a good time to approach Fanny and Lulu again with the idea of helping me gather firewood from The Orphaned Woods.

The warm weather put the animals in a good mood.

As they soaked up the sunshine, I gave Fanny and Lulu a treat.   Then one at a time, I placed my hands on their backs, picturing saddlebags filled with wood.  It will be fun working together I thought, imagining me leading Fanny with a rope and Lulu following. I pictured giving them more treats as I unloaded the wood.

All of us having a good time.

But I noticed as my fantasy ended and I walked away, Lulu and Fanny with their heads together seemed to be thinking about it.  Perhaps even discussing it in the way that donkeys would.

They didn’t let me in on the conversation, but later when I brought out hay, Lulu kept her distance.  As I fluffed up the hay, she all but trotted away from me joining Fanny on the other side of the feeder.

I’ll wait for the sun to come out before I approach them with the idea again. And if nothing else, maybe I’ll learn to be a little more patient.

4 thoughts on “Fanny and Lulu Contemplating My Donkey Fantasy

  1. They look like they’ve been watching an infomercial and are saying “That just sounds too good to be true.” I think you’ve got some more selling — I mean, educating — to do.

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