Making Scrap Bin Potholders

As it got darker out, so did my potholders.  This morning I dumped the fabric from my scrap bin onto my work table and started piecing potholders.

For the two months following Christmas, I had no drive to make potholders.  I guess I used it all up in the weeks before making potholders from the scraps that Crik sent me.

But I got it back again this morning.

Yesterday, when I was talking to my friend and poet Jackie Thorne I told her I was thinking of using the fabric from a quilt made in the 1960s.  But when I got into my studio, I looked at the quilt and wasn’t feeling it.

That’s when I dumped out my scraps.

The small plastic bin was bulging, with fabric.  I thought of sorting it out into colors and patterns, like finding all the straight edges when starting a puzzle.

But I wasn’t in the mood, I wanted to sew.

It’s after seven and my studio was getting cold even with the heat up.  So I’m back in the house, blogging on my laptop next to the woodstove.  But just looking at the picture of the scraps on my work table makes me want to go back to my studio.

I won’t, but I’ll be eager to get to work Monday morning.

5 thoughts on “Making Scrap Bin Potholders

    1. Yes, Keith, But I do go to work whether I’m moved or not to do it. But then I can always find something to do in my studio or outside of it that becomes my work. I am certainly fortunate for that! 🙂

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