Minnie and Zinnia

For the first time since the cats came in for the winter, Minnie ran out the door this morning wanting to go outside.

So I picked up Flo and put her outside too.

Flo spent the day on the front porch and after some hunting, Minnie spent the day in the barn. She came down from her perch on the haybales to say hello to Zinnia when I fed the animals this morning.

Both cats were on the back porch at 2pm ready to come back inside.

2 thoughts on “Minnie and Zinnia

  1. Well glad to hear Minnie feels spring is coming, that it’s time to get back outside, and that Flo was happy to hang out on the porch. Our chicken flock matriarch who will be 7 yrs old next month, laid her first egg of the year yesterday! So obviously the animals sense the change in seasons – the 10 day forecast says we may even make it into the high 40’s next week – positively tropical after weeks below freezing lately!

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