Open Door Studio

The past two days have been so warm, I took off my socks and kept my studio door open.  That means the dogs come and go, which also means mud.

So I sweep my floor a lot and put an extra towel in the doorway for muddy paws.

Bud was enjoying the sun this my studio yesterday afternoon and at the same time keeping an eye on what was going on outside.

6 thoughts on “Open Door Studio

  1. I noticed your wooden sewing basket and it made me smile. I have one like yours that will be 42 years old at Christmas. It was the first Christmas gift my husband gave me. I still use it too, I love the way it opens to reveal all it’s storage compartments. Here’s to warmer weather!

    1. A friend gave that to me Josie. It was her mother’s. Right now it’s filled with ribbons that I have yet to use. It does open and open like one secret after another.

  2. Bud sure reminds me of Winston Churchill in this photo! You go Bud!
    “Attitude is a little thing that makes a BIG difference.” Winston Churchill

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