Little Kitchenware Potholders

The little silhouettes on the linen towel

I was excited to make some potholders this morning.  I got to my studio and started looking around at all the fabric in my stash waiting for something to inspire me.

I’d been thinking about it,  running through the fabric I know I have in my mind.  But I didn’t have any ideas till I spotted the yellow and white checked fabric with red cherries and little flowers.

It just grabbed me.

I’ve always loved red and yellow together.  I still remember a drawing I did in elementary school with a red and yellow pinwheel.  Even though I chose the colors,  seeing how they   worked together surprised me.  It was the early 1970’s and they seemed kind of old-fashioned to me.  But still, there was something about them that I liked.

And I still do.  So much that I have this postcard of  Gee’s Bend Quilter Arlonzia Pettway’s quilt hanging in my studio.

The postcard of the quilt made by Arlonzia Pettway in 1982. I love all the pattern on pattern set off by a few solid red lines.

It was when I was searching for more fabric to go with the yellow and red print that I found the linen towel with the silhouettes of kitchenware along the border.

The details long faded I got the idea to do a little drawing of my own on the little teapots jello molds, and sugar bowls.

One of the teacup silhouettes with my stitching.
Making a Jello mold into a Potholder.

I had no idea what some of the silhouettes were supposed to be.  And some that I did know still weren’t recognizable even after I stitched on them (my fault for not doing a good job).

But I made enough to get a good start on some potholders.

My first Teapot Potholder with the yellow and red fabric that inspired it all.

5 thoughts on “Little Kitchenware Potholders

  1. And now I can’t stop singing “I’m a little teapot, short and stout…”
    Can I preorder the one in the picture?

    1. Now I’ll be singing it too Debi! I’m sorry, but that one is taken. I do have another, I’ll email you a photo, maybe it will make you sing too. :)

  2. Can I have dibs on that teapot potholder since I collect teapots ? Thanks & let me know…Lamar from Texas

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