Coltsfoot, My First Spring Wildflower

After a day at my computer, I savored a leisurely walk in the woods with Fate and Zinnia.

I wanted to buy Jon soil for his raised bed planter, so I took the dogs with me to the hardware store then drove to my neighbor’s path through the woods.  The ponds and puddles were full and even though both dogs run through them it’s only Zinnia who seems to get covered in mud and stay wet long after we get home.

This evening I’ll have a zoom studio chat with Emily.  I think we’ve been doing that on Monday nights for about a year now.  I’ll have to check my blog, maybe we’ll find a way to celebrate our Studio Chat anniversary.

I didn’t see any wildflowers growing in the woods yet, but as I drove up the dirt road to the path in the woods, clusters of small yellow flowers lined the road.   After our walk in the woods, we walked on the road a bit to get a closer look at them.

I knew it was Coltsfoot, not the Dandelion which it resembles.  Coltsfoot is always the first wildflower I see in the spring.


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