Imagining The Impossible


My Corona Kimono June 2, 2020

Tonight as Jon and I sat down to dinner, we heard the news that Michael Chavin was convicted of killing George Floyd.

As I listened to the crowds of people outside the courthouse celebrating the verdict, I could feel their emotion.  I knew this was an important trial, but now I was feeling just how important.

It was stunning.  I still can’t express exactly what I’m feeling.  I’m still processing it.

On June 2nd 2020, I stitched an image on my Corona Kimono of a woman wearing a facemask with the words I Can’t Breathe on it at a protest over the killing of George Floyd.

I later questioned if protests made a difference when I joined a  Black Lives Matter protest in our small Upstate NY town of mostly white people.

The protests, of course, weren’t the only thing to bring about such an unprecedented change,  but I know they helped make me aware of racism in a way I hadn’t been before. I imagine they did the same for others.

But in the conviction and the words of Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, I did get a sense of a cautious hope for our country.

I can’t really imagine an America without racism.  I think because it’s always been there and to me felt like it always would be.

I don’t know what it would feel like even inside of myself.  Because I live with the biases I have learned throughout my life, even if I am constantly questioning and trying to rid myself of them.

But tonight, for the first time,  I thought it might actually be possible. Maybe not in my lifetime, but someday.

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