A Morning Visit From Moise

Moise’s horse and wagon tied up at the barn

I was just letting the sheep and donkey’s into the pasture when our neighbor Moise pulled his horse and wagon up to the barn. “Is it ok to tie up here? ” he asked.

There’s a ring on the barn just for that purpose that I’ve we’ve never used before.

Moise was hoping Jon could help him find some boxes for the pies his family sells.  While he waited for Jon to get out of the shower we talked sheep, fences, and pastures.  Moise liked watching Robin and said he’d like to have one just like him.

The sheep and donkeys were not happy to have a horse in the yard,  but Fate and the horse got along fine, basically ignoring each other.  Fate ran right under the horse’s legs as if she did it every day.  And the horse didn’t flinch.

I pet her shoulder and she cocked her back foot a sign of being relaxed.

I imagine our barn at one time housed a wagon, and horses, not unlike the one tied to it this morning.


3 thoughts on “A Morning Visit From Moise

  1. Time travel. It’s like you’ve acquired a way-back machine. (And who wouldn’t want a Robin on their farm?!)

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