Koi Quilt, The Koi Legend and A Video


“Koi fish are associated with positive imagery … they are known as symbols of strength and perseverance, as seen in their determinative struggle upstream. … they are also known as symbols of a destiny fulfilled.” Kio Story

I finished designing my Koi quilt today and hung it on the barn to get a good photo of it.  The light is much better outside of my studio and the video shows the colors of the quilt even more accurately than a still photo.

The wind was blowing, so a video seemed the perfect way to capture the quilt.  I like how the wind gives the effect of the Koi swimming underwater.  And towards the end of the video, the quilt almost seems to be breathing.

This quilt came together so quickly I think because I was so focused on it.

I worked on it straight through the day yesterday, from early in the morning till 7pm,  stopping only for lunch and to feed the animals.  This morning there wasn’t much left to do. I tried a bunch of different fabrics and combinations of fabric, but simplicity won out.

There is a Chinese legend that Koi swam upstream and one Koi spent one hundred years trying to get up a waterfall while the others gave up. The Koi finally succeeded and was rewarded by the gods by being turned into a Golden Dragon, “an image of power and strength”.

I’m not sure why I was driven to make this quilt and so focused on it. But I thought it interesting when I read the story of the Koi, how I made this quilt in the same spirit at the Koi swimming upstream.

I still have to make a backing for my Koi quilt and then tack it.

My Koi Quilt

6 thoughts on “Koi Quilt, The Koi Legend and A Video

  1. It will be stunning when finished. We used to live in NJ before retiring to VT in ’06. Back in ’99 I had a small koi pond installed in our back yard, I got most of my koi from our veterinarian, who had a gorgeous set of koi ponds. Anyway, I had many calming hours working on, or sitting by the pond. We have a pond on our property here in VT but the koi would not have survived here. I was able to find a young man who had a pond business and he was able to take most of them before we moved. Hopefully, the people who bought our house were able to care for it but I won’t know as we’ve never returned to our old neighborhood.

    1. It must be lovely to have a Koi pond Marcia. Living in Upstate NY and Vermont has it’s own peaceful pleasures. But watching an animal that big and colorful is special.

  2. My favorite of your quilts! Love the colors and mostly the sense of movement, plus the more traditional border. Great job 🙂

  3. Hi Maria, I’ve been following you for several months but never commented til now. You are such a talented artist and I so enjoy seeing your works in progress and finished pieces. Just wanted to tell you that, as with so many of your other projects, the Koi quilt is a true work of art. So innovative, balanced and pleasing to the eye. Fabulous!

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