A Weekend Away

Anne and Kitty will be staying in their crate in the barn while we’re gone. 

Jon and I are off again. We got a good deal at our favorite Vermont Inn (they let us know now when they’re trying to fill their empty rooms) and are leaving after lunch.

We’ll be back on Sunday, so my blogging schedule won’t change.  I consider Saturday my Sabbath when it comes to going online, so I wouldn’t be posting or answering emails anyway.

I did hope to get my Mystical Cat potholders all done, but I still have to finish them up and I probably won’t get to that till Monday. They are all sold, and I’m sold out of potholders in my Etsy Shop, but I still have Robin Magnets available along with some of my other magnets and postcards and posters.

Next week I’ll be making more potholders, I like to keep my Etsy Shop stocked with them when possible. But I don’t have any other ideas about what I’ll be working on next week, which is kind of exciting.   Maybe our time away will inspire me.

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