Kitty And Anne

Anne and Kitty

Anne and Kitty seem to have forgotten who I am since we went away for the weekend.  Or maybe they ‘re just growing up and are more skittish than they were as chicks.

They no longer come running when I hold out mealworms in my hand and it takes them a while before they get close to me when I move them from their crate in the barn to their crate outside and back again in the evening.

This afternoon I opened the door of their crate in the yard and sat just outside it.  I put some clover and dried mealworms on my leg.  I was very still and they both eventually came out and pecked at the snacks I offered.

They are curious but cautious which is good.  They will need to be both once they come out of the crate.

The skin above their beaks, where their comb will grow is getting darker.  And although you can’t see it in the photos, their eyes are a pretty blueish/violet color.

I can still tell them apart because Kitty is bigger and Anne has a darker beak.

The markings on the feathers on their necks and tails look more like White Hen’s everyday.


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  1. Try Ritz crackers all my animals love them even the chickens. If I walk into the barn and don’t have Ritz with me there’s hell to pay. We go through a large box a week.

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