Working On My Summer Quilt

Water Lily Linen

I noticed the dragonfly on this linen first.  Then I came to appreciate all four scenes of the water lily and what happens around it. Sometimes when a piece of fabric or a linen is so perfect the way it is, it’s hard for me to find a way to use it.

That’s how I felt about this linen the first time I saw it.  But when I looked at it this morning next to the squares I made yesterday, they called to each other.

The Linens sewn onto backings

The next step was to cut the linen up and sew the pieces onto backings.  This way I could keep the lacy edge and make them easy to sew together. I used old linens on three of them and the reverse side of a piece of linen fabric for the bird.

I have no idea what happens next.  I laid out all the pieces and will stew about them for a while.  I have Bellydance class tonight so I don’t think I’ll get much further with it today.

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