Robin, Too Big To Nurse

Robin “nursing” on the gate

Robin still has that lamb’s baa. It’s the desperate cry of a hungry or frightened baby looking calling for his mother.  And although Robin is no longer dependent on Lori to feed him, that urgent baa gets my attention.

I heard it yesterday morning when I was upstairs in the house packing up my Mystical Cat Potholders for the mail.  When I looked out the bedroom window, there was Robin in the barnyard by himself.  The rest of the sheep were still grazing, but they started leaving the pasture in response to Robin’s cries.

Issachar led the other sheep and Robin ran up to him and tried to nurse.  Robin has done this before, confused Asher and Issachar for Lori.   Luckily they’re patient with him and just walk away. I don’t think Liam would be as kind.

Robin seemed satisfied now that the rest of the sheep were joining him and was quiet after that, so I went back to work.

This morning Robin had his mouth wrapped around the metal gate.  He’s really much too big to be nursing anymore.  It’s not easy for him to get himself low enough to reach Lori’s teats and she walks away when he tries.

I thought maybe he was teething, but sheep only start to get their permanent teeth after a year.  Depending on the sheep, it can take about four years for them to get all their permanent teeth.

So maybe Robin was just satisfying his nursing urge by sucking on the gate.


4 thoughts on “Robin, Too Big To Nurse

  1. Aw. All the babies have grown up so fast. Constance, Merricat, Robin, Kitty, Anne… But it will probably free up quite a lot of your time!

    1. It’s true Jill. I’m ready for them to be on their own. I do love caring for them, but I won’t want to do have to keep doing it.

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