Robin And White Hen

Robin and White Hen

The hens get around.  When we first got the chickens, we had a rooster and he used to keep the hens from wandering.  But as he grew, he got overly protective and started attacking me whenever I walked in the yard.  So Jon shot the rooster and after that the hens began to wander all over the farm.

They travel from the front of the house to the barnyard and around the pastures.  Sometimes hanging out with the sheep and donkeys other times it’s just the two of them.  Sometimes they even wander around by themselves.  This of course can be more dangerous, but so far they’ve been lucky, or maybe they’re just savvy hens.

Robin is happy to share the pole barn with the hens, and the hens easily adjust to all the new life on the farm.

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2 thoughts on “Robin And White Hen

  1. I didn’t grow up around chickens. The first I saw hens with feathered feet was at our county fair. To me they looked like they were wearing fancy slippers. I still get a kick of those feathers! I guess it shows my origins as a city girl though I live in the country now- still not with chickens. I’ve enjoyed your chicken tales, photos and art.

    1. I first saw the feathered feet on chickens at the fair too Lois. I like the idea of them wearing fancy slippers. Some of those chickens and roosters have fancy hats too. :). Although we’ve had chickens for years, I never paid as much attention to them as I have Kitty and Anne. I’ve been learning too and being able to write about it on my blog and show their progress in photos has helped me retain the information I’ve been taking in. I’m so glad it’s done something similar for you.

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