Summer Quilt

Summer Quilt

Maybe it’s the heat that has made my brain dull. But I didn’t need much of it anyway today to tack my Summer Quilt.

Shaded by two giant maples, my studio was cooler than the house.  I listened to short stories on  Selected Shorts as I pulled the sage green yarn through the quilt and tied the knots.

I was tired today.  A little queasy so I took the day slow, napping twice.

In a way, it was the perfect day to finish my Summer Quilt, although not quite summer, it sure feels like it today.

I had a few people ask about buying this quilt.  I take the requests for my quilts in the order they come in.  If it doesn’t work for the first person, I offer it to the second and so on.

I hope I’ve given the four embroidered panels a fresh context among the small patchwork squares that allude to gardens and windows into another more abstract summer world.

Close-ups of the embroidered panels and their surroundings…



The back of Summer Quilt.

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