Kitty And Anne’s First Night In The Coop


Anne and Kitty on the roost in the chicken coop

Well, we did it.  After I got back from our annual Bellydancing Dinner last night, we moved Kitty and Anne into the coop with the hens.

It was dark out and I scooped them up one at a time from their crate in the barn and placed them on the roost next to Brown Hen.  Brown Hen gave them a look then went back to sleep.

After that, we didn’t hear a peep from any of them.

This morning Jon and I got up sometime before 6am and opened the door to the coop.  All four chickens were just as we left them last night. By the time I fed the cats and made some tea, Brown Hen and White Hen up and out looking for bugs to eat.

But the chicks were still on the roost.  So I got them some water and refilled their bowl with laying mash and closed the door of the coop.  If they spend the day inside the coop they’ll get used to being there and tomorrow when they hopefully follow the hens out in the morning they should follow them back in at night.

At 9:30 am Kitty and Anne were still on the roost.  So I gave them a little nudge. They hopped off and immediately started eating.

Kitty and Anne will start laying eggs at the end of August, but now that they’re in the coop I feel like they’re all grown up.

Eating in the coop. That’s Kitty upfront and Anne behind her with the black feathers on her wings.  It’s how I can still tell them apart.

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