A Very Big Delicata Squash?

I thought it was supposed to be a Delicata squash, but it grew much bigger than the ones I’ve bought in the market. So now I’m not sure what kind of squash this is.  I picked it thinking it was too big, but it’s obviously not ripe yet. I have another one growing that’s even bigger.   I’ll leave that one to see what happens.  I also have one that looks like the right size of a Delicata but isn’t ripe yet.

And the pepper, it’s so pretty, but I don’t remember what kind it is either.  It looks like the chili peppers you see drying in bunches in the southwest.  Maybe that’s what it is.

I think my garden got away from me this year.

8 thoughts on “A Very Big Delicata Squash?

  1. A popular British meal is stuffed marrow:
    Cut the squash into rings
    Remove the seeds and strings
    Stuff center spaces with ground beef and chopped vegetables or grated cheese and savory vegetables, like peppers
    Bake in the oven, covered with a piece of goil

  2. Looks like it’s a cross between a zucchini and some other squash. Might be tasty, you never know. I’ve had some really weird looking pumkin, squash, gourd crosses appear in compost piles in the past. The squash family loves to cross pollinate.

  3. OK so I have the same thing growing. Was to be a Delicata but a good 16″ long and about 16″ wide. It has the coloring of a delicata. It gets a deeper dark yellow with the green strips as it ripens. Inside it kinda looks like spaghetti squash but when cooked it doesn’t, taste is sweet – not quite delicata but still good with butter and salt and pepper. Maybe we should name it? I will let some stay on the vine to see if they get orange on the inside. Just a note: they were delicata seed that I planted and seem to have taken over the squash area, must be 30 or so out there.

    1. I wasn’t even brave enough to cut one open Marge. I’m going to try it though. I did also get some squash that are Deicata. How about Delicate Grande for a name!

  4. I had the same experience! I was wondering where you got your seeds? I roasted mine like a delicata,
    had the texture of spaghetti squash with a terrible taste not sweet at all. So disappointing.

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