“Sunrise” My Last Gelli Print Pillow, Sold



Do you see the rising sun in the top right corner square and how the middle square almost seems to be lit up so brightly as if the sun were shining on it, that’s why I called this pillow Sunrise.

Sunrise is the last of my Gelli Print pillows and it is sold.  I used up all of that one piece of printed fabric that Emily made. I still have scraps of other Gelli Prints and I’m sure to use them somehow too.  I’ll know exactly how when it happens.

Below is a picture of Emily holding up the Gelli Print that I used to make my pillows.

You can visit Emily’s website and blog papercakescissors here.  She has some wonderful art for sale, from cards to original collages to tea towels and eye pillows.  She also gives Zoom Collage Classes which people are loving.

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