Back Porch Garden Spider

What I call a Garden Spider has many names. A couple that I like is Writing Spider and Zipper Spider. I imagine these names come from the thick zigzag part of the web which is called a stablementum.

Its purpose is currently, it’s believed to attract insects and keep birds from flying into the web and damaging it.

This Garden spider which has her web is our back porch garden is clearly a female.  Males are visibly more slender and smaller.

10 thoughts on “Back Porch Garden Spider

  1. Maria,
    We don’t see as many of these garden spiders as we once did. I miss them. So it’s reassuring to see how well this spider is doing in your part of the world. You’ve captured this image in just the right light. Well done and thank you.

  2. She certainly is a beautiful spider! You always inspire me to think of things that normally would frighten me as you turn them into beauties with your artful eye and special camera lens! The spider web is also delightful. 🙂

    1. I am very happy to be able to do that Fran. I’ve had it done for me again and again by people who can see the beauty in things I at first wouldn’t have.

  3. Wonderful photo. Even a few years ago I would have recoiled in spider horror, but I am getting better. Did not know about

    1. The first time I saw the stabelmentum I didn’t think it was something particular to the Garden spider. I’m still now sure if other spiders weave them into their webs, but I do love the look of them.

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