Thank You Everyone, We Have Enough Money To Buy Batting For The Bishop Maginn Quilt Project

Two of the quilt tops that Susan gave me

Thank you, everyone.  You did it.  As of this evening, I have $130 to buy the quilt batting and backing sheets for the quilts for Bishop Maginn High School.

I washed four of the quilt tops today. A lot of old fabric and quilts don’t make it through the wash. And that’s something I need to know when I’m using vintage fabric. So washing the quilt tops serves two purposes, making sure they’re clean and making sure they can handle the washing machine.

Two of the four quilt tops came out fine.  Two others were frayed and had some holes when I took them out of the wash.  Three more of the quilts are handstitched and look fragile, so I won’t be using them.

But I went through the quilt tops that I had in my studio and found four that are machine-stitched and in very good condition.  I’ll wash them tomorrow and then I’ll have a total of six quilts to bring to Sue and the kids at Bishop Maginn.

I found a couple of good deals on quilt batting, I’m just going to double-check my quilt sizes to make sure I get enough before buying it. Tomorrow I’ll also go through my stash of sheets and large pieces of fabric to see how much more fabric I’ll need for backings.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed to the batting for the quilts.  Your donations have been a big part of making this happen.

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