A Visit To My Studio

3 thoughts on “A Visit To My Studio

  1. Thanks for the tour, that is a nice matching set of potholders from the quilt leftovers. I love how you make great use of all the space, from the usual tabletops and shelving but also the floor, walls and beams for hanging things, the row of potholders looks like a new type of horizontal windchime or something!

    1. I’m still thinking about more shelves Hannah. And thank you for your beautiful card with your photo of the hummingbird moth. It will be in my studio too.

  2. Hello Maria. Wow girl, you’re on fire selling your art! I’ve missed the last 3 or 4 potholder sales because by the time I open Etsy, they are all gone. How wonderful! I’ll see if I can catch you on the next one. Kind regards to you and Jon, Elisabeth

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