Recovery Journal. “Just Trying To Help You Breathe”

Jon called me in my studio and asked if I could make a Recovery Journal photo from a picture he took of his Sleep Apnea Mask.  He was writing about his awaking to a different more spiritual way of viewing the troubles he’s been having adjusting to the mask.  (You can read it here)

He send me a photo, probably the most dreadful photo I’d ever seen him take.  And I told him so in a text.

Hmmmmmph!  He texted back.

I’ll do what I can I told him and got to work.  I guess he saw my point because just a few minutes later he sent me another photo of the mask with a bouquet of dahlia’s

I guess the first photo spoke to how he felt about the mask before his epiphany.  Perhaps those old feelings were still lingering inside of him somewhere.

So I sent Jon back both pictures and let him choose which to put on his post.  I’m happy to say he chose the one with the flowers.

The first photo

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