Jon’s New Look

Who is this man, I wondered for a moment when I looked at Jon standing outside this morning. With his tall boots, red sweater, and stylish hat. With Zinnia at his side, he looks like he belongs in the English countryside, getting ready for the hunt.

He blames it on me, his foray into fashion. Tells me I’ve been bugging him for years to wear something other than his blue farmers uniform.  I may have nudged him every once in while to wear at least a different color, but I don’t think of myself as a nag.

It began slowly, with colorful socks.

That went on for a couple of years. Color and outrageous patterns well hidden in shoes and under pant legs. But this new burst began only months ago when Jon discovered a clothing company that spoke to him. Comfortable and colorful (in comparison to all and only blue) once again at first it was just about underwear.

But all that concealed color wanted to come out.

One blue shirt with a subtle pattern led to another and even a shirt or two that had no blue in them at all. And now the sweaters and fleecy jackets.  Somehow his black “Amish” boots fit in perfectly to complete the look.

And what is “the look”?  I couldn’t’ say except that it now belongs to Jon.

2 thoughts on “Jon’s New Look

  1. Yes, what a relaxed and possibly long-expected change! This is a really fine photograph by the way. You begin to match Jon as a photographer.

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