My First “Cinematic” Video On My New iPhone 13

Jon has written many times about how we almost got divorced the first time he gave me an iPhone for Christmas when we first got married.

I’ve always been the kind of person who believes you use something till it falls apart before getting a new one.  So the idea of getting a new iPhone when I have one that works fine, took me years to get used to.

When Jon told me that the iPhone 13 had a better camera than my iPhone 11 and a new Cinematic setting on the videos, my first response was that I didn’t need a new phone, I loved my 11.

The next time he mentioned it and offered to buy it for me for Christmas, I said “Let me think about it, and if I do get it, I’ll buy it myself”.

I did think about it, and how my initial response to anything new that might be something I could benefit from, or might just enjoy, is always “no”.

I know that my aversion to getting a new iPhone or anything that seems unessential is about self-worth. My value as a human being and an artist is something that Jon had never questioned, so my having a new creative tool isn’t an issue to him, it’s just the way it should be.

Writing this I see that his belief in me over the past fifteen years, has rubbed off on me.

Because after he mentioned the new phone the second time, I kept wondering what my videos would look like with the new cinematic setting that the iPhone 13 has.

I love to sew but photos and videos have become such an integral part of my creative life, of my work, of my blog.

I can still remember some of the first videos I took on the iPod that Jon gave me ten years ago. Things like ice melting and teapots whistling. The germs of my Thirty Second Meditations. Not all that different in theory, but very different in quality and technique.  As well as my idea of them as part of my work.

So the third time Jon offered to get me the iPhone 13 and let me know how much it would cost after trading in my iPhone 11, I said yes.  And when he found out he could get an iPhone 13 for even less after he traded in his iPhone 12, I suggested we buy the phones for each other for Christmas.

Yeah, I got the better deal, but I think Jon is just happy to be able to get me the phone without me having a fit about it.

So check out my first cinematic video with my new iPhone 13.    You can see how the focus varies,  blurring the background and making what’s in focus and close up, really pop. It’s not a very good video,  I still have to figure out how and when to use it.  I’ll be doing that by experimenting, so I hope you’ll join me.

One thought on “My First “Cinematic” Video On My New iPhone 13

  1. Hi Maria! I think the donkeys and sheep look surprised but pleased that you gave yourself permission to accept the new iPhone 13 as a gift from Jon. I’m sure they’re pleased that you featured them in your first cinematic video.

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