Cheerful Art For A Gloomy Day

Emily’s bouquet.  You can see more of Emily’s flowers and the rest of her work here. 

What to do with these gloomy Upstate NY days. This time of year, between the cloudy skies and long nights it starts to get dark at 3:30.  Day’s like today I want to sit in front of the woodstoves dozing with a good book.

I texted Emily and she was feeling it too. “Thank the gods for our art,” I texted her.  She replied, “Goddesses you mean.”  Of course, what I was I thinking.

Emily had been making collage bouquets for herself.  One a day.  She creates a bouquet and gives it to herself. So it makes her feel better in two ways.  The act of creating and of receiving something beautiful.

I found my joy in making some potholders I’d been thinking about since last week.  In that quilt top from the 1960’s  that I made my Dog Potholders from, was a piece of fabric with these tiny friends on it.  That’s how I thought of them.   Two people interacting in a positive way.  They must be friends of some sort.

They’re only a little bigger than a quarter, and there are seven or eight of them. I cut them out and started putting them back together again using the rest of the vintage fabric from the quilt top.

Some of the “friends”

Like Emily’s bouquets, designing these potholders made me happy. Emily called them “sweet” when I sent her a picture.  That’s just what I needed today.  And now I can look forward to working on more tomorrow.

If you’re looking for some unique gifts for the holiday, check out Emily’s website  Just click here.  I  got a couple of her paper mache bird ornaments last week.  I guarantee it’s all very cheerful.

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