Getting Grounded

I woke up anxious, between the holidays and the rise of covid once again, I lost myself a bit.

I know the best way to get back to myself is to go inward.  Meditation, doing nothing, is the most effective and most difficult for me to do.  But when I do, when I really commit to it, it always helps.

I also tell myself the facts about what I’m feeling.  This is something I learned to do in therapy.  It helps because my anxiety isn’t based in reality.   The fear and danger I feel come from another time and place.

Once I was feeling more grounded, which took about a half-hour, I put on a Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation and finished tacking my quilt “November Snow”.

I had a phone date with my friend Mandy for lunch. I did the drawing above of the things I saw in front of me while we talked. Later Emily and I had a zoom studio chat.  Although neither of us had much to show the other.

It seems to me that all three of us are feeling the winding down of days as winter approaches.

2 thoughts on “Getting Grounded

  1. Omicron really threw me for a loop but I have settled down also. We are lucky to live in Delaware (very Democrat) where the majority of people wear masks in public and stores and restaurants still require them. As a positive sideline both of us had neither head colds, or even the sniffles for 2 years. Much better care with hand-washing is probably the answer. As we both use c-pap machines for sleep apnea, this is a real boon.
    Take care, your increasing blog is a very big pleasure. I read 5 blogs consistently and both you and your husband are pretty much on my personal wavelength! Where I would differ I wouldn’t dream about entering it . It just adds spice.

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