Trading With Carol. Masks for Magnets

Carol Conklin’s Phoenix and Sheep facemasks for sale here.

Carol and I made a trade.   I gave her a few of my Dishes Magnet and she gave me two of her face masks.  

Because of covid and because her husband hasn’t been well, Carol and I haven’t been able to see each other lately.  The weather doesn’t help either.  Carol lives in an old farmhouse on top of a hill.  My car wouldn’t make it up her driveway for a good part of the winter.

But we keep in touch.

For years Carol was an important part of our Bedlam Farm Open Houses.  She’d show up for the whole weekend, selling her art,  meeting everyone who came and doing Batik demonstrations.

Now Carol has her work in some local galleries and sells it on her website Amity Farm Batik.  

Carol closed her Etsy Shop after Christmas, but now it’s back open.  She has her original batiks for sale, but also reproductions of her work on all kinds of clothes leggings, dresses, socks, shawls, scarves, and bags.  Also on housewares like cups, cutting boards, trivets, potholders and pillows, as well as fabric and face masks.

So if you’re shopping for something for yourself, or looking for a unique gift, visit Carol’s Website Amity Farm Batik.  Just click here. 

Or if you’d like to see Carol demonstrate how she makes her batiks, on PBS TV, just click here. 

Carol’s llama Vanilla with his new coat of many colors. Vanilla is a sweet old boy who needs some help staying warm in the winter.  So Carol makes sure he has his heated coat on these cold days.


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